Corporate Executive Protection

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by Christian West and Brian Jantzen

An Introduction for Corporations and Security Professionals

In this first-of-its-kind book, seasoned security pros Christian West and Brian Jantzen share lessons learned from years of protecting some of corporate America’s most prominent people.

Full of practical, hands-on information, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to conceive, build and run successful executive protection programs in corporate settings. With insights that only experience in all phases of program execution can provide, the authors dig into the key questions that corporations need to ask and answer.


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The book begins by laying the foundations of contemporary corporate executive protection: why companies choose to establish programs, how they decide to set them up, which roles different stakeholders in the corporate ecosystem play, what to outsource and what to insource, and how to find the right service partners.

Then, the authors move on to discuss the management of corporate executive protection. This is a people business, and the advice given on hiring and managing the individuals who will be responsible for protecting the corporation’s most prominent person is proven and practical. In a profession that is inherently up-close and personal with the principal, often the CEO, the ultimate success and sustainability of a protective program hinges directly on the selection, training, and management of the right staff.

Finally, West and Jantzen turn their eye toward successfully managing the transitions that programs will inevitably experience—from start-up to turnaround—and provide a number of illustrative, real-world cases of what executive protection professionals actually do.


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